This is our passion: helping brands showcase their unique color, style, and design. Your brand and vision are unique. But is your presentation? Do your signs represent the fabric of your company? Do your colors tell an accurate story of your firm’s history, mission, and goals? Can your prospects identify your image?

And for over three decades, companies like yours have trusted us with their image.


  • 1980
    Driven by the desire to be the first high-end E6 film processing lab in Grand Rapids, Corporate Color Graphics quickly developed a reputation for impeccable E6, black and white, and C41 commercial film processing. From these beginnings, the company has continued to set the benchmark for professional graphics throughout the Midwest.
  • 1982
    Corporate Color Graphics expanded to a location on Michigan Avenue and brought another first to Grand Rapids. Selected among all major national processing labs as a beta test site for new films, Corporate Color Graphics set the benchmark for tightly managed processing environments. Both Fuji and Kodak hailed the extreme tolerances maintained by Corporate Color Graphics, citing the company as “one of the finest film processing labs in the nation.”
  • 1999
    After searching the world over for the finest output devices, it was evident the Durst Lambda was in a class by itself. Corporate Color Graphics was the first to bring this technology to Grand Rapids, and remains the only Lambda output facility in West Michigan.
  • 2007
    Corporate Color Graphics out grew their location on Grandville Avenue and moved to a larger facility on Lousma Drive. Corporate Color Graphics also introduced another first to West Michigan: VOC-free direct-to-substrate and flexible substrate printing. The Durst Rho brings the quality and color exactness you have come to expect from Corporate Color Graphics, while complimenting most corporate environmental policies.
  • 2012
    Corporate Color Graphics became the first professional imaging lab in the US to install the latest generation of digital print technology, the Indigo 5600. This new technology quadruples our existing press capabilities, provides offset quality with digital versatility, 7 ink capability, custom color capability, variable data and imaging, printing to synthetics, and security printing.

ProLab Express is expanding into new online markets focused on photography. By sharing technology between our two divisions, we are able to give the serious photographer access to technology typically reserved for large corporations. Today there are many ways of looking at your images, but we think PRINT is best.

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