We were engaged by a large corporate client to solve a problem – How does the client develop 4 large trade show booths produced from scratch, shipped around the world, and complete the entire project on a very tight budget?

The Corporate Color Team went to work immediately – design, procurement, resource allocation, coordination, and fulfillment all had to be choreographed perfectly to meet the deadline and minimize waste. The project consisted of four 20’x20’ displays to be used simultaneously around the globe – Spain, The Philippines, Miami and here in Michigan. Each display consisted of six 192 square foot background panels hinged together accordion-style to fill the area.

In addition to the background panels, the project required 8 two-sided 30″x40″ Lambda graphics plus 14 20″x30″ Lambda graphics. Being conscientious of the budget, the Corporate Color Team designed all the output as tight as possible, combining the cut paths within the output files to gain the greatest efficiency for the client. The graphics were finished and cut with our new Zund G-3. After cutting, graphics were integrated with double-sided prints and custom easels to produce 43 distinct graphic elements per kit, for a total of 172 separate prints.

Simultaneously, we fulfilled other requirements for the project in-house, including assembly, instructional materials, and physical toolkits – everything the recipients would need to erect a self-contained 20’x20′ display. Finally, our shipping department constructed specialty crates and provided customs information to accommodate overseas shipping requirements.

The skill of the team, state of the art technology, and our commitment to the client resulted in this project being delivered on time and within budget.

project details

  • four trade show displays measuring 20'x20'
  • eight two-sided Lambda graphics
  • fourteen 20"x30" Lambda graphics
  • utilized by Gentex in Spain, the Philippines, Miami, and Michigan

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