A study in donations.

Corporate Color Graphics teamed up with the marketing and design group of Michigan Blood to bring a unique concept into reality.

Michigan Blood was given the unusual opportunity by Dow Chemical Company to open a blood donation center in, of all paces, a ballpark. Dow Diamond, in Midland, Michigan, is home of the Midwest League’s Great Lakes Loons and a popular destination for many residents of mid-Michigan. Now visitors to the ballpark will have opportunities to donate between innings as well as between games at this newly designed blood donation center.

The timeline graphic is a complex marriage of many parts and technologies. The main presentation surface is a wood and resin composition clad on all surfaces with a specified laminate to blend with the finished interior surfaces of the donation center. The title and base artwork are direct-printed to the laminate using our state-of-the-art UV imaging system.

The individual timeline information plaques are composed of three layers of material which achieve an appealing 3-D effect. The first layer of acrylic is printed with copy in the forefront, and backed by images and additional copy printed to the second surface.

The next layer is frosted acrylic backed with a layer of white. This gives the plaque a high contrast element and helps the copy and images stand out when viewed.

These plaques are then mounted at different levels from the main presentation surface. The facts about Michigan Blood are on one level and the facts about baseball are on another level. The different levels are accomplished by the use of brushed chrome stud-mounts capturing the edges of the plaques.

The entire unit is cleat-mounted to the wall which adds yet another dimension of depth and presence to the timeline.

Project Details

  • Wood and resin composition
  • Multi layer materials for a 3-D effect
  • Attractive graphic timeline
  • Brushed chrome stud-mounts

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